Bill proposes unique solution to state’s drinking and driving problem

Proposed House Bill 132 would make it mandatory for those drinking to have a designated driver, according to The Daily Reveille.

Bars and restaurants that serve alcohol will be required to verify that the individuals who are drinking have a designated driver with a valid Louisiana driver’s license. Statistics from 2013 reveal that over one-third of driving fatalities in the state—233 deaths—involved alcohol. Henry Burns, the representative that penned the bill, acknowledges that the legislation could be improved logistically, but hopes it opens up a conversation about the dangers of driving while intoxicated. He further stated that there may be alternatives at the local level.

Others engaged with the bill, including Manuel Gutierrez, who said that perhaps, instead, universities should spearhead their own campaigns to address the problem instead of introducing statewide legislation that may be more difficult to enforce.

Burns said, “My hope now, my main goal, is to publicize the fact that people have to take responsibility for their actions.”

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