Stay Safe this Independence Day Weekend

With the fun and excitement that are sure to fill Lake Charles this 4th of July weekend, additional dangers can surface, as well. Most notably are the risks that can stem from individuals who choose to drive a car or operate a boat or other watercraft after consuming too much alcohol.

Though law enforcement will be doing all they can to identify intoxicated motorists, there are likely to be more than a few that slip through these patrols. As such, make sure to keep an eye out for any motorists that you believe to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol and stay clear of them on the road.

Additionally, if you notice someone you believe to be intoxicated, report them to police as soon as you are able to get to a place where it is safe for you to use a phone. By reporting incidents of reckless driving, you can help the police get dangerous drivers off the road before they injure others or themselves.

Whatever you and your family plan to do this 4th of July, attorney [firm-name] and the rest of our legal team wish you a safe and fun holiday weekend!

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