57-year-old secures $155,000 settlement for slip and fall accident

A 57-year-old woman went to the Knights of Columbus Hall in Lake Charles to drop off a family member at a benefit. At the Hall, she went to the bathroom, where she slipped on a wet substance on the floor of the bathroom and fell onto the floor. The substance on the floor was believed to be mixture of water and/or urine and/or spilled beverages. The woman fell onto her shoulder and sustained a fracture in her shoulder as a result. She filed suit against the owner/operator of the Hall and its liability insurer. The suit alleged that the bathroom in question had not been cleaned and was in an overall deplorable condition, with substances on the floor and beer bottles and cans strewn about the room. The premises owner and its liability insurer defended the suit, contending that the bathroom was clean and did not present any dangerous condition. The owner and insurer pled in the alternative that they did not have any requisite notice of any condition in the bathroom and they were therefore not responsible for the accident. An out-of-court settlement was reached whereby the woman received the sum of $155,000.

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