What should I do after being attacked by a dog?

In Louisiana, dog owners who have a reason to suspect their animal may be dangerous have a responsibility to ensure the safety of individuals who come near their animal. This means the owner of a dog that attacks you may be held financially liable for any injuries caused by the attack.

If you are attacked by a dog, you may want to consider seeking legal help in order to ensure your needs are met by the liable party. However, you should be aware of a few important steps to follow after you are attacked by a dog that will help your attorney build the strongest case possible on your behalf. These steps include the following:

  1. Get the dog owner’s information
  2. Seek medical attention for the injury
  3. Document the injury with photos
  4. Check with the dog’s veterinarian to ensure it has been properly vaccinated
  5. File a report with your local animal control center

In addition to following these key steps, call a qualified personal injury lawyer at the office of [firm-name] at [phone-number] to further discuss your options for legal recourse.

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