Auto recalls continue at high rate

In the first seven months of 2014, auto manufacturers recalled more than 49 million vehicles in what would become a record breaking annual total. One year later, and the Wall Street Journal reports that vehicle recalls have included an additional 34.5 million vehicles in just the first seven months of 2015. At the present rate, the number of recalls made this year will be second only to those recalled last year.

While it is almost unbelievable that so many vehicles would be subject to safety recalls over such a brief period of time, these recalls represent a more concerted effort on part of federal regulators to identify and resolve safety issues before they are allowed to cause further harm. In the face of increased scrutiny, car makers have agreed to more comprehensive governmental audits into the safety of their vehicles and products.

This is a marked departure from the comparatively relaxed relationship between automakers and the government that saw regulators relying primarily on the automotive industry to report safety defects. Though strides are being made by federal regulators to improve vehicle safety in the United States, there are likely to be more recalls before all of these issues are resolved.

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