Lake Charles traffic accident rate increases

Automobile accidents in the Lake Charles area have increased by 17 percent in the past year. Lake Charles Police reports that there were 2,588 accidents from January to August in 2014 and 3,017 accidents from January to August this year.

Police believe that this is due to an increase in population size. Lake Charles is a booming industrial town, drawing in workers from around the state. Unfortunately, the growth in population has also triggered an increase in traffic accidents. Reports indicate that Lake Charles only suffered two fatal car accidents last year and the count is currently at seven for this year.

“Four of those this year have been auto-pedestrians, two of them were vehicle on vehicle, and one of them was an accident, which was a motorcycle that struck at tree, so we do have a very significant increase in fatalities this year,” stated Major Gordon Fontenot of the Lake Charles Police.

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