Car accident victim takes USPS and employee to court

A woman in New Orleans claiming she was severely injured in a car accident in May last year is suing the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and one of its employees.

According to the lawsuit filed on May 6 in the Eastern District of Louisiana, Gabrielle Jerome says she sustained “severe physical injuries” on May 8, 2015 after the vehicle she was driving was struck from behind by a USPS vehicle. Jerome was heading south on South Carrollton Avenue when the accident took place. Jerome alleged that USPS employee Keith Gremillion, who she says caused the collision, was negligent behind the wheel. Gremillion could have anticipated and avoided the collision were he not negligent, Jerome also claimed. The victim is suing for the necessary compensations to cover her expenses, plus interest and including legal fees, from the defendants.

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