“Pokemon Go” blamed in some vehicular crashes in Walker

Some motorists in Walker, Louisiana have been involved in car accidents as they become distracted from playing “Pokemon Go” while behind the wheel, an article of WBRZ 2 reported on July 12.

Law enforcers in Walker have warned vehicle drivers regarding the potential hazards of playing the mobile-based augmented reality game where players, often called “trainers,” may use their mobile devices to catch a “Pokemon” – the fictional characters based on a popular children’s cartoon. On July 11 alone, at least three vehicular accidents took place several days after the game was made available for download, reports also said. Captain John Sharp stated that there was one incident when a driver got involved in a crash after making a sudden stop in an attempt to catch a character. No persons were injured in the accidents linked to the game. Unnecessary use of mobile devices like playing games and accessing social media and texting are considered illegal in Louisiana.

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