GM is being sued over a house fire started by a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

GM has been sued over a 2014 car fire causing over $450,000 in damage to two homes in central Pennsylvania. reports that Erie Insurance Exchange and four of its policy holders claim the blaze resulted from an auto defect GM officials didn’t adequately address.

The car was among 1.1 million recalled by GM for a defect that allowed oil to leak onto the engine’s hot manifolds. The lawsuit says the Dohners got the work done, but the repair didn’t work.

The fire began in the engine compartment of a car owned by Bruce and Sheri Dohner, it spread to their garage and engulfed not only their home but jumped to a neighbor’s home that was damaged as well.

Plaintiffs assert that officials at General Motors knew of 1,300 vehicle fires that occurred after the recall fix was performed.

GM seeks to have the case moved to Harrisburg from Cumberland County Court, where it was originally filed.

Any number of defects associated with an auto recall could result in severe consequences, including the injury or death, negligent manufacturers should be held fully accountable for exposing consumers to risk.  Our Lake Charles lawyers can represent your rights as a consumer in the pursuit of financial compensation from those responsible.  Call one of our attorneys to discuss your case (337} 381-5349.

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