Louisiana ranks #10 for deadliest roadways in the U.S. per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

While many believe the condition of our roads and highways are to blame, this assumption would be incorrect.  Distracted driving is at epidemic proportions and is now the leading cause of roadway accidents.  With technology at our fingertips and for all of its useful driving applications, it is estimated that 4 out of every 10 accidents are caused by technological distraction.

The following are theoretically useful driving applications, the problem is that they require input from drivers while driving.  The navigation app Waze rewards drivers with points when they report accidents and traffic jams. The messaging app Snapchat allows motorists to post photos that record the speed of the vehicle.

When distracted driving entered our nation’s consciousness 10 years ago, the problem was largely people who made calls or sent texts from their phones.  Tech guru’s thought the solution was to go hands-free and the introduction of new technologies to keep drivers’ hands on the wheel began. Innovations since then have ushered in a new wave of problems.  Car Wi-Fi and a host of new smartphone apps have led to a boom in internet use in automobiles that safety experts say are contributing to unprecedented highway deaths.

In 2015 Louisiana recorded 726 roadway related deaths, and while this number is down from the 2014 report of 737 deaths our state numbers are expected to be at the national average of 14% higher in 2016.  IIHS reports Motor vehicle crash deaths by road user type and our states numbers are as follows: Car Wrecks 250, Truck and SUV Wrecks 222, Large Truck Wrecks (Commercial Vehicle Wrecks) 7, Motorcycle Wrecks 87, Pedestrians Wrecks 102, and Bicycle Wrecks 34.

When technology takes over common sense, catastrophe will surely follow.  If you or someone you know has been the victim of a distracted driving wrongful death, call the Lake Charles wrongful death lawyers at N. Craig Richardson.  Craig and his team understand that your family’s recovery from this incident may be a long and difficult process. Although there is no adequate compensation for a loss like this, our legal team may provide you with experienced and diligent representation to hold the responsible person or party accountable in court. This may help bring closure to your family, relieve some of the financial burdens of such a loss and prevent a similar accident from occurring in the future.

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