Eight Passengers Taken To The Hospital After Car Wreck Involving An 18-wheeler

On March 7th Baton Rouge Police reported an accident involving an 18-wheeler and a vehicle carrying 5 children and 3 adults.  The 18-wheeler struck the passenger vehicle from behind around 8:30 p.m.  All eight of the passengers were taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.  The driver of the 18-wheeler reported the passenger vehicle was driving recklessly and many of the passengers were not wearing seatbelts.

Reckless Driving is any behavior that demonstrates the willful disregard for others, reckless driving accident claims may be pursued in any accident where the responsible driver engaged in the following behaviors:

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Driving at excessive speeds, particularly 20 mph over the limit

Aggressive driving, particularly when tailgating and passing

Failing to stop at red lights or stop signs

If you or a loved one were injured by the reckless actions of another driver, you should speak with reckless driving accident attorney N. Craig Richardson about what legal action you may pursue against the driver responsible for the accident.



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