What You Should Know About Car Accident Claims in Lake Charles

It doesn’t matter if you were involved in an auto accident with a speeding motorist or you were injured by a distracted driver as a pedestrian, your first course of action after getting immediate medical attention is to call speeding accidents Lake Charles attorney as soon as possible. When the incident is a result of another party and not your own, they need to be held accountable and you will only get the settlement you deserve with the help of the best local lawyer.

Here are the reasons you need legal representation to get the compensation you deserve:

Collecting Vital Accident Evidence

While you are recovering from your injuries, key evidence is your case is beginning to disappear. If you are seriously injured, there is no way you could possibly collect all information you will need in your condition. The first thing that your personal injury lawyer is going to do is get their own accident investigative team to the location to begin collecting important evidence that can shed light on the cause of your injury. Your personal injury lawyer needs this evidence to paint a picture for the jury in the event your case goes to trial. The accident investigative team is going to take pictures, videotape, as well as measure the surrounding area for preserving the scene as it was that day.

Preserving Important Accident Information

Your personal injury lawyer will disperse a team to where the accident occurred to collect eyewitness testimony and preserve the information. If the case goes to trial down the road, each day that passes means your eyewitnesses could forget just a little more about that day. By capturing that information early enough, your personal injury lawyer can remind them at trial exactly what they said that day. This can often swing a jury in your favor, awarding you the maximum recovery when it comes to settlements.

Once your car accident lawyer has gathered all this information, they begin the long process of putting together a settlement offer that will provide for you and those who count on you, while your recover. Your personal injury attorney will come up with a figure that represents your true loss, not the dollar amount the insurance company attorney believe your case is worth.  Allowing an experienced lawyer to fight tirelessly on your behalf to hold the responsible party accountable, will provide you with the time and compensation you will need to fully recover.

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