Things To Consider When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you been in an accident? Did you suffer injuries due to someone’s negligence? If you have, then you may need the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

The term personal injury covers a broad range of accidents in a wide range of situations. The level of injury you have suffered and how it occurred plays an important role in processing the claim. Depending on certain legal elements and the severity of your injuries, you may require the assistance of an experienced legal professional to negotiate the claim.

When choosing an attorney for your personal injury lawsuit, you should have a basic understanding of their expertise and manner of communication.  Keep the following factors in mind when looking for the right attorney to handle your personal injury lawsuit.

So, why exactly would you need to hire a professional instead of taking matters into your own hands or work directly through the insurance company? We’ve listed a few reasons below:

1. Expertise

When selecting a personal injury attorney, make sure he/she has represented individuals who have suffered personal injuries related to car crashes. Keep in mind, not every personal injury attorney has experience with personal injury cases that involve a car accident. Some may focus on work-related injuries or on premise liability cases while others on slip and fall accidents.

Louisiana has a number of of qualified attorneys available for you to choose from, just make sure the one you choose has the right experience to tackle your case.

2. Red Tape

The most important concerns in handling a personal injury case are the efficient use of medical terms and the legal jargon involved in filing the claim that follows procedural law. An experienced attorney can be extremely helpful to you as he/she can navigate the tedious and often confusing legal procedures and paperwork necessary to resolve your claim. The faster this happens, the more quickly you can begin your recovery and the business of getting back to your life.

The attorney will ask for all the documents you have relating to the injury when you meet with him/her.  So, have them handy!

3. Experience

Car accident personal injury attorneys work with insurance companies regularly and know how to handle these situations. They do not get confused by insurance company’s tactics and neither are they pressured to settle for an insufficient or unsatisfactory recovery amount.

Working with opposing lawyers – An experienced attorney can deal with the other side’s attorney very quickly and effectively. This holds true for the fact-finding process of litigation when both the parties are required to reveal their facts and documentation.

Things to Avoid

While it is not easy to identify the best lawyer to handle your case, there are a few things that are easy to look for and worth mentioning:

 Negative online reviews should be seen as a big red flag or “No Go” sign, especially reviews indicating insufficient communication.

 Lack of genuine interest in your case, or seems to rush you through the interview process.

 Lack of experience and settlements in cases similar to yours.

 Lack of credentials – admittance to practice – peer reviews

We hope that the list above helps you when considering hiring a personal injury attorney.  We know hiring the right attorney can save your time, money, and the frustration of trying to navigate the legal process of recovery yourself.  NCR Legal has been handling personal injury auto accident claims in Lake Charles for over 20 years.  If you would like a professional to go over your claim, give our firm a call – initial consultations are free of charge

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