The Impact Of Texting While Driving In Louisiana

Do you use your cell phone for texting, calling or other purposes while driving?  If you do then should stop now. Distracted Driving could cost you some serious cash as Louisiana State Troopers have announced that their officers are enforcing the law against using a phone while driving. You may be unaware that last August the law pertaining texting while driving was escalated, making it a primary offense. Prior to this law, in order to write a ticket, the driver has to be pulled over for a primary violation. Now the police officers can pull over a driver on the basis of using a phone while driving.

A few facts regarding texting and driving:

  • Drivers who text or call while being behind the wheel are about 22 times more likely to get into an accident than undistracted drivers
  • When driving and sending or receiving a text message, it takes your eyes off the road for about 4.5 seconds

Despite the statistics showing texting and e-mailing while driving are the leading cause of car accidents, and campaigns encouraging drivers to put their phones down, people don’t follow through. Many victims of distracted driving and their families are also unaware that they are eligible for financial compensation after such an accident.

Whether texting, emailing, surfing the internet or talking on a phone, they are all considered distracted driving. When a driver engages in such behavior, the risk of an accident increases substantially. If texting and driving cause an accident that results in severe injury or the death of another, the victim or his/her family may seek financial compensation that can easily cost the person at fault thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Louisiana State Troopers have announced that they will be using marked as well as unmarked vehicles in patrolling for texting drivers. Their efforts will include looking for drivers who are constantly looking down.

Legal Consequences

In the state of Louisiana, texting while driving is considered a primary offense that means you can be pulled over for violation of the law. Drivers who are convicted will face a fine of $175 for their first offense and $500 for every offense after that.  If the texting driver is involved in a crash, the fine is doubled. Moreover, the ticket will also be reported to the driver’s insurance company which will result in increased premiums.

That’s not all! Apart from fines, there is a good chance that you’ll be facing a lawsuit. Under the Louisiana law, if a driver is injured by a distracted driver, the victim is entitled to be compensated for his/her pain, suffering, medical bills among other losses.

Victims of distracted driving should contact a professional and experienced personal injury attorney. If you would like more information about your right to compensation, contact us!

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