What should you do when you have an emergency on the road

There can be some potentially disastrous driving situations that can very easily and rapidly turn into serious accidents. But through some simple yet effective action you can turn these events into just a forgotten incident. In most cases, driver can save the day by using some common sense, being proactive and of course careful. Let’s a take look at a few tips that will help you in keeping alive out there:

1. Keep calm

One of the most common and fatal single vehicle crashes involve a vehicle running off the road. When a distracted driver allows the right tires to veer off the pavement this results in a loud noise, suddenly causing the driver to notice. In a haste to control the situation, the driver yanks the wheel to the left that in an attempt to help the front tire regain its grip while the rear tires lose their traction. With no traction, the vehicle can spin out and can even result in the flipping of a vehicle.

To avoid this, keep calm and don’t overreact. If you find yourself in this situation, allow the car to slow down by letting off the gas. Then gently ease back onto the road and do not press on brake unless there is an obstacle in your path. Just maintain control of your steering and you should be all right!

2. Use a spotter

Every vehicle has blind spots, and even more so with longer vehicles. Take advantage of passengers vantage point by asking for their input when pulling out of a driveway or parking lot, making turns or changing lanes. Asking for assistance while driving may take some getting use to. But once you start, you will realize even younger passengers can help make your ride a bit safer.

3. Avoiding Distracted Drivers

You and the authorities see people driving while texting, this puts others in danger. So, how can you avoid these situations. One option is to provide ample space. Try slowing down and allowing plenty of room for their errors. If you can safely do so, pass the vehicle. One of the best tactics is to make sure you too are not engaged in distracted driving. Delay texting and answering emails until you stop, preload music on your phone and keep your attention on the task at hand. In every instance involving an accident, the distracted driver always regrets having allowed the distraction.

4. Put your car in neutral

Have you or someone you know lost control of acceleration? The solution to this situation is simply, slap your shift lever into neutral. Stuck accelerators can be caused by floor mats, panicked drivers or faulty cables. You can easily remedy this problem by shifting your gears to neutral where acceleration is not an option. Pull out of traffic and allow the vehicle to come to a stop, where hopefully you can fix the problem.

These are a few of the situations that can easily become dire, but can also be contained through calm and simple maneuvers. If you are involved in an accident and would like to speak to an attorney about your rights, give us a call and one of our professional car happily answer your questions.

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