List Of Factors To Prove Fault In Car Accidents

In almost every car accident, it is important to prove the person who made the mistake or was negligent and is responsible for the accident. It may be obvious about who is the person at fault, but saying is not enough, especially for the insurance companies. There may even be tossing the blame of accident on others, that can easily lead to a heated argument. Avoid this and work toward a safe post accident experience.

So, how exactly can you achieve this, let’s take a look at the factors that will make your argument stronger and will help in proving the liability of the car accident easily and through safer means:

1. Note (write down) the details

Along with your car manual and a first aid kit, always keep a notebook in the compartment. It will be useful at the time of the accident as you can note down every crucial and small detail. It will help you in remembering them without running the risk of overlooking them in the heat of the moment. From, a detailed description of the damage done to your vehicle, date, time, street name to other car’s license plate number and contact information of everyone involved should be noted down.

2. Take pictures

A camera or camera phone will be of immense help in this kind of situation. Some of the important details that you need to capture post accident are damage done to your vehicle, overall scene and the skid marks. The overall scene would show the details that can be easily forgotten while skid marks will tell you about the location of car and position of people at the time of accident. This will provide you enough evidence to prove who is in liability.

3. State traffic laws

If you know the traffic laws of Louisiana, it can help you in winning the case against the liable driver. It is required to back up your argument with evidences and cited sources, when proving yourself against your insurance company.

4. Police Report

One of the most important document to be presented after an accident is a police report. The report will provide all the details of the every party involved and the opinion of the police officer. The opinion of the police officer would be by a professional outside party that will be unbiased and informed. This increases the credibility of the document that will serve as an official one to present to the insurance company.

5. Accident liability

The type of car accident is immensely helpful in figuring out the person at fault. There are certain kinds of car accidents that are caused by few common factors where other driver is at fault most of the time. Insurance companies very rarely argue over these cases but there are other situation where you need the help of a professional and experienced car accident attorney.

While accidents can be interpreted easily, every case is different. By knowing in advance what you need to do, will help you keep the anxiety at bay and in deciding what you should do next. If you are in need of a car accident attorney, contact us and we will help you with your car accident!

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