5 Insurance Company Tactics That You Should Know About

Have you been in a car accident? If so, then you must be thinking of filing a claim for compensation from the insurance company for damage to your vehicle, your medical and other related expenses.   It is a known fact that insurance companies use every weapon in their arsenal to minimize their exposure, either by undervalue your claim and possibly outrightly deny it. In order to avoid this from happening to you, you should be aware of the common tactics used by insurance companies. Take a look:

1. Claiming lack of evidence

It is extremely important that you document everything that is relevant to your accident and keep the information secured.  In the absence of documentation, your insurance company may tell you that you haven’t provided enough evidence to support your claim. The evidence could be in the form of a police report, photographs, medical bills, and reports.

2. Delaying

When injured, you may not be able to work and facing financial difficulties. Insurance companies are aware that you are struggling with your medical expenses and regular monthly expenses that keep on mounting.  One tactic they use is delaying or stalling, assuming you will either be forced to give up or settle for a low offer.

3. Pre-existing condition excuse

Insurance providers often take advantage of this excuse by claiming that your injuries are part of your pre-existing condition and were not caused by the car accident. This tactic often discourages their clients from seeking compensation for their claim.  Don’t abandon your legitimate claim, seek the advice of an experienced attorney.

4. Denying the fault

Liability plays a core part in insurance claims. So, the insurance company may try to deny their liability by saying that the accident was completely your fault or at least partially. So, make sure you check the laws on negligence and fault in Louisiana and pursue the compensation claim accordingly.

5. Minimizing the injury

In order to limit or minimize the amount the insurance company has to pay you, they may argue that the extent of your injuries are not as much as you are claiming them to be.   They may and probably will hire a medical examiner for an independent medical examination.  Unfortunately, their opinion may unfairly conclude that your injuries aren’t as serious as you represent them to be.

6. Asking for a written statement

Insurance adjusters are trained to ask questions that could be used against you or may be taken out of context.   Make sure that you don’t give recorded or written statements to an insurance adjuster without first consulting your personal injury attorney.

7. Advising that you don’t need a lawyer

This may be your first time negotiating a settlement for an injury claim, but insurance adjusters handle these sort of claims every day. Research has shown that claimants with legal representation recover more compensation than those who settle directly with an insurance company.

The tactics used by insurance companies are not easily recognizable and are rather tricky.  We hope, inlight of the information provied you seek the help of an experienced Lake charles personal injury attorney to get the full amount that you deserve. To learn more, get in touch with NCR legal!

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