Important Questions to Ask Your Big Truck Accident Lawyer

An accident happened. You were hit by a big truck. You need a lawyer. You are hurt, scared, and not certain what questions to ask to find the lawyer you need. Don’t struggle. Use this list of questions at your first meeting to see if this lawyer is right for you.

1. How long have you been a lawyer?

This is the first question because it’s an important one. Don’t hand over your big truck accident case until you know the lawyer has experience. Truck accidents are hard to handle for a lawyer that doesn’t have experience with the difficult to understand laws big truck drivers have to follow. Experience means a bigger payoff when a company settles. Get an experienced, credible, professional for the best outcome.

2. Do you have the staff needed?

You need to know the lawyer you hire has enough people working on your side to get the job done. Results in your favor are more likely if the lawyer’s office is large enough to investigate and interview everyone that can help you win. You need an entire team of professionals working together to get every bit of information to prove your case.

3. How will you win my case?

Before you hire an attorney, you need to know what method they will use to win your case. The approach used to find out about a big truck accident many times predicts the final outcome. A lawyer who uses common sense and a matter-of-fact step-by-step approach to get the job done wins. The lawyer who sends his associates out to investigate every little thing gets the information needed to fight to the end. Find someone that will make smart, winning moves for you.

4. Will you meet with me and explain the law?

When you go see a lawyer that’s called consulting. Many lawyers won’t take the time to explain what you need to know about the law and facts surrounding 18-wheeler wrecks. You want to be able to meet with your lawyer and talk about the many ways your case could go and what to do for the biggest settlement possible. How many hours is this lawyer willing to spend with you explaining and asking you for the details of what happened. Make sure you will be informed of the progress made as often as possible and that you have someone to contact to find out what’s happening with each step to your payoff.

5. How much do I have to pay you?

Always ask a lawyer how and when they will get paid. Lots of people go with the cheapest lawyer thinking they’ll get more money in the end. That’s not always true. Don’t be victimized twice. A lawyer who charges less probably doesn’t have the experience to win.

This is a tough time. Make sure you receive the money you deserve from a big truck wreck.  Use the right questions to find the qualified and proven lawyer who can get you the biggest settlement. You need representation and direction to win. Call NCR Legal now and get their experienced team on your side.

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