Throw Me Some Safety Tips Mister

Mardi Gras Safety
It’s Carnival Season is the South. Fat Tuesday is just weeks away and there are numerous ways to celebrate Mardi Gras time is the Lake Area. Whether your party season means attending a ball, going to one of the many parades, or heading to a bakery to indulge in a delicious King Cake, here are a few suggestions to make your fun as safe as possible.


Always be aware of your surroundings. Whether on foot or in a vehicle, moving around large groups of people calls for increased awareness. Take a look around and access the terrain of the place you will be walking.

If you are on the side of the road waiting to watch the parade, look to see is the sidewalk is uneven or there are holes in the pavement or yard where you are standing. Has it been raining? Avoid slick spots and puddles. Barricades are placed along the parade route. Stay behind them.

Attending a ball is lots of fun with the wonderful music and the opportunity to shake your groove thing on the dance floor.  Look around first. Are there electrical cords or decorations that you could trip or fall over on that floor? Avoid them and stay accident-free. Having slip-proof soles on your shoes is another great idea when you’ll be spending time on a ballroom floor.

Costumes and masks are common apparel during carnival season.  Make sure your mask doesn’t affect your vision and block your view. The traditional garb for an old-fashioned Cajun chicken run usually has lots of fringe on free-flowing pants. Don’t let them be too long. Fringe or pant bottoms getting under your feet could lead to a trip and fall.

Driving into a parking lot or down the congested streets requires patience during this celebration time. Out-of-towners join an increased number of locals attending the numerous public events which means more vehicles are out of the road. Drive slower than usual. Be extra careful turning onto crowded streets and when parking. Those already out of their cars may not be watching for you so keep your eyes out for them.

Local law enforcement and towing companies report increased calls during this time of year. Blocked driveways on or near the parade route are the number one reason calls are made to wrecker companies on Fat Tuesday. Be courteous and don’t block drive-ways when parking a vehicle.

Tickets for Driving Under the Influence spike during this time of celebrating. Have a designated driver. Alcohol and driving don’t mix. Make plans ahead of time so everyone partying with you can make it home safe.

Respect personal space of people and pets. Never approach an animal, even if it is a pet on parade because animals can attack. And, while float riders are throwing all those strands of colorful beads, Moon Pies, and stuffed animals, don’t jump in front of others to catch them.

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