Should You Hire a Personal Car Accident Attorney?

Should You Hire a Personal Car Accident Attorney
After a car wreck, you are thinking about what you need immediately. You might need a doctor to attend to a broken bone, cuts, and pain so you can heal. You might need a body shop to replace a bumper, repair dents, and repaint where your vehicle was hit. Your family or neighbor may be called to bring you to work or collect your kids from school while your car is in the shop and your body gets well.

You probably aren’t thinking about needing a personal car wreck lawyer. But, think about it. What if you continue to hurt or have headaches months or even years after you were hit? What if the bills from the doctor and repair shop are too much for you to handle? What about the time you missed at work and the inconvenience of not being able to do what you need to do for your family every day?

The first few days after you are injured in a car wreck you need to take care of yourself so you can recover. During your recovery is when you should consider calling a lawyer due to the long-term problems you may be faced with.

A personal injury attorney may need to be called to help you claim earnings and reclaim expenses if the person that hit you was not paying attention to what they were doing. If the accident was due to negligence, you shouldn’t suffer the consequences, call a personal injury lawyer and let them review the facts of your case to ensure you will be fully compensated.

Hiring a car accident lawyer starts with a telephone call. After you answer a few questions from a caring local employee of the law firm, you can set up an appointment with a lawyer at the firm, your initial consultation is free of charge.

He or one of his staff members will speak with you in person to get the facts of the car wreck that left you injured. You will be able to have questions answered and show them the bills that you’ve incurred so far the accident report, and any other documentation you kept as a result of being involved in a wreck.

An attorney that specializes in car accidents will ensure you are treated fairly and paid what you should be by the insurance company. The years of experience N. Craig Richardson and his staff bring to fighting insurance companies and negligent drivers will be put to work for you. They believe so strongly in pursuing justice for the clients they represent that they work on contingency. That means they don’t get paid unless you get paid.

To answer the question, should you hire a personal car accident attorney, the answer is yes. To protect yourself you need professional representation, call N. Craig Richardson today and set up your free meeting to ensure you are compensated fairly.

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