Truck Accident Attorney: Can They Handle a Complicated Case?

When you are involved in an accident due to the negligence or recklessness of another person, you need to take action.  If your accident involved a big truck or 18-wheeler, the case gets more complicated due to the tort laws that apply to such situations.

You want answers to questions like:

  • How much responsibility does the big truck driver have as an individual?
  • How responsible is the company or organization that the driver works for in this situation?
  • How soon do I need to file suit to get a full and fair monetary award?
  • What all should be investigated in this type of accident?
  • Is the insurance company paying all the benefits I am entitled to receive?
  • Can a truck accident attorney help with my complicated case?

Not all truck accident lawyers will be able to help with a complicated case.  For a complicated big truck case, you need someone with years of experience who has proven themselves time and again in court with fair settlements that benefit the injured person and their families.

Difficult cases became a specialty for N. Craig Richardson because he knows and understands the law.  When you are represented by Craig and his team of lawyers you can rest assured that you will have a strategic plan to do battle with the negligent person or company that caused your pain and suffering.

Your plan will cover all aspects of what happened and be thoroughly researched to make certain that you receive a maximum nondiscriminatory reward.  Planning your case will also involve how you would be represented during a trial.

Even when the facts and discoveries of a case are all on your side, you still need an aggressive strategist to plead your case.  Understanding the court system and representing hundreds of others gives this attorney and his team the experience fighting for justice that you will need in a complicated truck case.

If you are injured and seeking a settlement due to a person or organization being careless or reckless, you should arrange some time to tell him or his dedicated local staff members your story.  Your first meeting is complimentary and you will be given the time and respect you need to state your case.

You will be encouraged to ask questions so that you fully understand what will happen every step of the way.  Full and fair financial compensation and justice for you are the goals of this local law firm.

When you are taken on as a client, contingency fees are paid with monetary awards from your case.  In other words, the lawyer doesn’t get paid unless you win.  This shows the dedication of the legal team that will be fighting for you.

For a complicated case, you need the knowledgeable and dilligent Lake Charles Truck Accident lawyer N. Craig Richardson.  For over 25 years, Mr. Richardson and his local team of caring professionals has been fighting for the largest settlements and justice for residents of the lake area.

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