Louisiana Pirate Festival:  What to Do When a Treasure Filled Event Leads to Car Wreck or Personal Injury


What to Do When a Treasure Filled Event Leads to Car Wreck or Personal Injury

It’s almost time for the Louisiana Pirate Festival. The event held in Lake Charles, Louisiana from May 3-13, 2018 is full of all kinds of treasure. During all the fun and frolic, you might have to exclaim, “Shiver Me Timbers!” due to an auto accident or personal injury that leads you to call a local lawyer who specializes in fighting and winning these types of cases.

Voted a Top 20 Event by Southeast Tourism Society, the annual early May Louisiana Pirate Festival is sure to draw a large local crowd and visitors from all over the United States who are looking to enjoy some fun at the Lake Charles Civic Center.  While most events are held on the Civic Center grounds, some of the fun, like the first ever Louisiana Pirate Festival Parade Extravaganza, will extend to the streets surrounding the lakefront and in the historic downtown area of the Lake City.

While you are out enjoying the fun, that will include a fireworks display, food booth, carnival rides, music, and even a special dance called the Louisiana Pirate Festival Costume Ball, you need to be careful. Increased numbers of festival goers mean the traffic will increase and so will the likelihood that some attendees of this family-friendly festival may not practice the safest driving habits as they go to and from the Civic Center.

If you are involved in a car wreck that leads to injury, call the local authorities. If you are injured, make sure you seek medical care. Once you and your family members are safe and have had your injuries treated, you may want to call a car wreck lawyer that knows the area and what to do to make sure you get the largest payment due to injuries caused when someone else was negligent or not doing what they should have been.

What if the person that caused your crash was under the influence of drugs or alcohol? What if the person that caused you to lose wages and have pain and suffering was texting or doing something that caused them to not pay attention to driving safely? What if the insurance company is pressuring you to sign something that you aren’t sure will limit the money you will need to have proper medical care?  If any of these “What if” situations are happening to you, call a car crash lawyer that can explain your rights to you.

Festival attendees sometimes bring pets to the fairgrounds. Some animals become spooked by the noise and smell in unfamiliar surroundings. A scared animal can become a threat and lead to a bite. If you are bitten and injured by a pet due to someone not taking care of the animal or having it where it shouldn’t be, you should contact a personal injury lawyer.


While you are out and about enjoying bands and parades, watch your surroundings. You can be as careful as possible but if there are tripping hazards and unsafe conditions that lead to a trip and fall, you may have a case due to negligence.


Everyone wants to have a great time at the Louisiana Pirate Festival. The fact of the matter is that sometimes car wrecks and personal injuries happen during events that could have been avoided. If you find yourself in a situation where you are hurt and need a car wreck lawyer or personal injury attorney, call N Craig Richardson at 337-381-5349. Your consultation is free!

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