3 Reasons Wrecks Involving High School Graduates Increase in Lake Charles over the Summer Months

Graduation Hat and Diploma

High School Graduating Seniors get a lot of gifts. The top three gifts are cash, gift cards, and vehicles. Having your own vehicle gives you more freedom and the chance to be on the road more often. It’s simple math: since more recent high school graduates are on the roads driving in their brand new or new-to-them cars, the chances increase that these drivers will be involved in a wreck. And, these crashes can cause injury.

2) The percentage of off-campus living first-year students at McNeese is high, and most of them will drive back and forth to classes

When an incoming college freshman lives on campus, they can walk from the dorm room to their classes. There is no need to drive. According to data from McNeese State University, 88 percent of all students live off campus and commute to classes. They have to drive to get to school so they can attend classes. Last years freshman class was a little over 2,000 members strong, and it is safe to assume that over 1,600 of those students will be driving to and from campus is the latter part of the summer.

The freshman from out-of-state will also be on the road. Many of them will be driving daily for the first time and that puts many less experienced drivers on our already busy Lake Charles city streets.

3) Younger drivers, because they are less experienced, are involved in more car wrecks

The younger you are the less time you have had to gain experience and become a good driver. Even careful, well-trained drivers make mistakes, and because younger drivers are less experienced and take more chances when driving, they are statistically involved in more accidents. That is one reason that insurance rates are always higher for young drivers.

Being a safe, alert driver is important. Remember that everyone behind the wheel may not have as much experience driving on high traffics streets like the ones that are in our city.
If you are involved in a car wreck with a young driver, or any driver, and are injured through no fault of your own, contact N. Craig Richardson. He and his dedicated, local staff will work hard to get you the largest settlement you are entitled to receive.

To all the 2018 graduates, congratulations and drive safe.

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