Statistics Show You Will Be Involved in a Car Wreck

Tow truck towing a car wrecked vehicle away

A wise man once gave trade school advice to a young man seeking to make a living. The advice was, “Become a mechanic. If it has moving parts, it will break down.” The wise man was correct, and that previous young man has been repairing vehicles and motorcycles for over 30 years and makes a very good living by doing so.

Many of the repairs he makes come from auto accidents. The same type of advice can be given to anyone who drives something on wheels. That advice would be, “If it rolls on the road, chances are high that you will be involved in an accident.” If you are in an accident, know what to do.

Sounds scary but the truth is there were 2.35 million automobile accidents in the United States is 2017 (statistic from the United States Department of Transportation) that led to injury and/or disability. That means that the odds are when you are in a car, you are at risk of being involved in a car wreck that could hurt you through no fault of your own.

Car wrecks aren’t the only vehicles involved in crashes that lead to injury. Truck wrecks and motorcycle wrecks also make the statistics grow. Again, if it has wheels and rolls down the road, chances are high that it could be involved in an accident that leaves you, the driver, through no fault of your own, injured and unable to work or enjoy life.

Every year, since 2012, the number of car crashes has increased steadily. There aren’t more drivers on the road yet more accidents are happening every year.

In Louisiana, there were close to 57,000 car wrecks that involved personal injury last year.  If we look at the breakdown of licensed drivers in the Pelican state, it is found that there are more licensed female drivers than male drivers. When it comes to automobile accidents however, male drivers accounted for 30,544 wrecks. That is 54% of all wrecks.

When it comes to seeking justice and settlement money when you are injured in a car wreck through no fault of your own, it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, what matters is that you were injured and deserve the best lawyer you can find. Having an attorney represent you after an accident is almost necessary if you are going to receive a fair settlement amount.

Whether you were hit and involved in an automobile accident because the other driver was speeding, made an illegal lane change, or just wasn’t paying attention (negligent driving) and crashed into you, you need to get help to make certain you receive all benefits due you.

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