Anatomy of a car wreck: what happens during and after an auto accident

Anatomy of an auto accidentAtomy is the structure of something. The anatomy of a car wreck or truck crash are all the parts of the auto accident from the mistake or negligence that leads to the accident to calling the best car accident lawyer to help you get the best settlement.

Here are the parts of an auto wreck:

Mistake or Negligence:  A driver sends a text instead of watching the road, a shopper tries to exit the parking lot while digging through a bag for something they just bought, or someone speeds around a car trying to make up for lost time from staying too late at a friends’ house. And, what happens? They slam into you!  When drivers don’t pay attention and allow themselves to become distracted…auto accidents happen.

Crash:  At the moment of impact, all types of things can happen. Windshields shatter. Motorcycle crashes throw riders from their bikes. Metal crumbles. Engines can catch fire. Bodies are bruised, battered, and cut. Regardless of what happens in a car wreck, the after-effects are usually ugly.

Law Enforcement / Emergency Response:  Navigation systems, accident victims, or on-lookers contact 911 and officers and ambulances are dispatched to the scene. Once first responders are at the accident site, they take care of the injured and start to take statements about what happened. They may write tickets on the scene. Tow trucks or wreckers are also dispatched to haul crumbled vehicles away. Depending on how bad the auto accident is, additional help will be called and the investigation continues after the injured are transported to hospitals.

Injuries:  Victims of the car wreck are treated at the scene. If injuries are serious enough, crash victims are sent to local medical facilities. Severe injuries may have to be airlifted to major trauma centers.

Body Shops:  While injured people are transferred to medical centers, vehicles are towed to wrecker yards or body shops.  These places store the vehicles until owners and insurance companies can decide if repairs will be made or if the auto is damaged beyond repair.

Insurance:  Drivers contact their insurance companies to report the car wreck and get claims started. There are increasing reports of insurance companies urging accident victims to sign agreements to release their vehicle because storage at a wrecker yard or body shop costs and the sooner a crashed car is released the less it costs. A good rule of thumb is not to sign anything until you’ve had time to recover from the trauma and shock car wrecks cause.

Follow up:  After the injured are treated, accident reports are completed, insurance companies have been contacted, and repairs are being made to damaged vehicles many people think that is all there is to be done.  Not so! The most important part of a car wreck is where you make sure that you receive a fair settlement for your injuries and losses.  How do you do that?

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