Bird’s Eye View of a Car Wreck

Steady traffic on an interstateIf you could watch a car wreck in action from a bird’s eye view, these are the things you might see:

Interstate traffic is moving along at a steady pace. You see an 18-wheeler barreling down the right lane of traffic. The left lane has a steady traffic of cars, trucks, and motorcycles whizzing along.  A car approaches from the on-ramp and attempts to enter the flow of traffic.

As that car tries to merge into the flow of traffic, it loses control and ends up under the 18-wheeler.  The big truck drags the car several yards while braking.  There’s an explosion.  The fireball blinds you for a few seconds.  Debris from the impact of the car and 18-wheeler wreck burst into the air and all lanes of traffic.  A motorcyclist hits a piece of metal and now there’s a motorcycle wreck in the other lane.

You are looking down at mass confusion as cars avoid hitting other motorists, debris flies, and trucks pull to the side of the road.  The 18-wheeler driver radios for help.  A passing motorist calls 911 to get help for the victims of the car crash, motorcycle wreck, and 18-wheeler accident.

In a manner of seconds traffic stalls as people rush to help.  You see law enforcement, ambulances, firetrucks, and other emergency personnel arrive on the scene.  Wreckers and tow trucks were also dispatched and they drive up.  You see people shaking their heads in disbelief and forming a circle kneeling down to pray and administer help to those hurt and injured from this traffic accident.

The coroner’s van arrives.  This wreck has caused a loss of life. The fatality is pronounced on the side of the road.  Ambulances speed off with the injured.  Trucking companies are contacted to report the accident.

Measurements are being made by law enforcement officers.  Photographs are being taken as part of the investigation to figure out what went wrong and caused this horrible, fatal wreck that involved a car, 18-wheeler, and motorcycle.

Wrecker drivers are loading the demolished vehicles.  They slowly drive them off to the tow yard where officers told them to bring them.  Trash, burnt pieces of the 18-wheeler load, and broken glass is being swept up and thrown into a dump truck that had been called to the scene.

Blame or fault cannot yet be determined.  Everyone is wondering what happened and officials are doing all they can to make certain that the investigation points to the cause of the accident that took place in a matter of seconds.

As you continue to look down, you see the lanes of traffic are all on the move again.  Clean up has stopped.  And things on the interstate look pretty normal.  Looks, even from a bird’s eye view can be deceiving.

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