Dog Bites: What You Don’t Want for Christmas

Dog Bite Lawyers | N. Craig Richardson | Lake Charles, LASteps to Take to Avoid Dog Bites Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time to visit with friends and family. Getting together at different homes means you are going to meet the family pet. Chances are that pet will be a dog.

Almost 50% of United States households have pets. And more than half of those pets are dogs. On average there are two dogs per home. That means that as you are spending time at different homes for holidays parties and meals, there is a 1-in-2 chance you will be around a dog.

A dog bite is one of the most common personal injuries that can occur in someone else’s home. Dogs respond to people differently during the holidays. Even a dog you know can become stressed and attack leaving you or someone you love with a dog bite injury. How can you avoid a holiday dog bite? Follow these steps and tell your family and friends about them too.

The first thing to do to avoid a dog bite is to avoid the dog. If the dog is secured in a room or in the yard by the owners, leave the dog alone.

If you can’t avoid the dog and will be in the same area as the pet, don’t walk up to the dog or reach out to pet the animal. Even friendly dogs, who owners say won’t bite, sometimes do.

A dog bite occurs many times because the animal feels threatened. Putting your hand out to pet a dog may feel natural to you but it isn’t to the dog. With strange people around, the dog may be overly protective, so another way to avoid a holiday dog bite is to keep your hands to yourself.

Don’t feed the dog or touch its food or water bowl. Dogs are territorial and even well-fed dogs will go after the smallest bite of food like they are starving. Another way to avoid a dog bite is to not feed the dog and to stay away from their feeding dishes so the dog won’t think you are taking its food.

Never tease a dog. Dog bites happen many times when a person takes the dogs ball or toy and waves it around in such a way as to get the dog to play. You think it’s fun but the dog thinks you’ve stolen their toy and wants it back! An animal may become aggressive and bite as a way to get their toys back. Avoid a holiday dog bite by not teasing a dog even if you would normally play with a familiar dog that way.

The most common dog bite area on a child is the face and neck. Hands and arm bites are most common on adults. Face and neck areas are the second place a dog will bite an adult. This happens because the most exposed area that an animal can easily reach is where they will bite.

Two more tips to avoid a holiday dog bite: keeps kids supervised the whole time a dog is around and never get in an animal’s face.

While these tips will help you avoid a dog bite over the holidays, bites can still could happen. If it does and the dog bite leads to infection, medical bills, and time off from work and you did not cause the dog to bite you, you may need a lawyer’s help.

Call NCR Legal is you think you may have a case due to injuries from a holiday dog bite.

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