When to Call a Lake Charles Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you in the lake area suffering from injuries due to an accident that you were involved in? Are you unsure of what subsequent actions to take? If you are in this situation, you should contact a Lake Charles personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the process of handling your accident.

If you are wondering when you should make that call, the answer is now.

Car Accident attorney lake charles, laThe reason it is encouraged to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible is because there is a specific time frame you have to take legal action for your claim to remain viable. This time limit is called the statute of limitations. Usually, the statute of limitations deadline can vary from a few months to a year. If you wait too long to start your claim, you will lose your legal rights. Your personal injury lawyer will be well aware of the time limits that apply to your case and will know how to venture forward with your claim.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the process of dealing with your accident? If you are unable to address the aftermath of the incident without becoming frustrated, it is time to contact a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will not only handle the responsibility of organizing your paperwork and bills, but they will also be the ones engaging with the insurance companies involved with your claim. Personal injury lawyers immediately eliminate supernumerary stress so you can focus on getting better and moving forward. If you find yourself in this situation, the best time to call is now.

Another time to get in contact with a personal injury lawyer is if your insurance company is giving you any type of trouble with your claim. Examples of your insurance company giving you the runaround would be if they are inexplicably inactive with your case, or even try to minimize your injuries. Some insurance companies will even try to deny fault, making them inculpable. Insurance adjusters will contact you to try and confuse you into thinking the fault is your own.

Personal injury lawyers take you out of these stressful situations and deal with the insurance companies so you do not involuntarily harm your case in any way.

If insurance adjusters are contacting you, it is time to seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer. Insurance adjusters can call you and use anything you say against you and your case. They can even take what you say out of context and utilize your words to potentially harm your claim. Another tactic insurance companies may practice is claiming there is a lack of evidence. You need evidence to support your claim, but some evidence does not last forever. Video footage could be erased and witnesses may even forget the events that took place.

The quicker you contact a personal injury lawyer, the lower the chance of case being in jeopardy.

Being in an accident is already difficult as it is, so why not make your situation easier? If you are in the Lake Charles area and need help with your case, consult local personal injury lawyer N. Craig Richardson’s office at (337) 433-0234 or visit for more information.

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