How to Document Your Car Accident Details

When you are involved in a car accident, the way to ensure you get the best possible settlement is to document the details of your accident properly. Do you know what subsequent steps should be made immediately after your automobile accident? Do you know what details you should be documenting? It is always better to be prepared for any mishaps. Read on for more information on how to properly document your auto accident and the significance of the details.

Immediately following your car accident, you should contact law enforcement and take notes on the details, no matter how trivial they may seem. Examples of this information would be who was present at the scene, what caused the accident, your speed, the road conditions, and anything said by the other driver and/or witnesses. The significance of note taking is that with time your memory will fade. These notes will assist you, your lawyer, and claim adjusters in remembering exact details. These notes will become important evidence and will certainly help you receive the best settlement.

Man using smartphone at roadside after traffic accident
Man using smartphone at roadside after traffic accident

The subsequent step to take is to gather information. You should document the other driver’s name, contact information and insurance information. This information will assist you in a smoother claim filing process. Law enforcement can help you obtain this information in the case that tension is running high. You should also gather all the names and contact information of the witnesses and record what they saw if they are willing to go on record. Witnesses help solidify your claims and can help provide key information about the accident that you are unsure of.

Next, you should take photos and/or videos of the accident. Photos and videos create a visual documentation of the incident and the more documentation you have, the more your lawyers have to work with to ensure the best possible settlement. You should take photos and/or videos of the damage that was inflicted on your vehicle, the damage of the other driver’s vehicle, the other driver’s license plate number, and any injuries. Photos will determine exactly what you should be compensated for and will serve as evidence in a lawsuit, if one should be filed.

After properly recording all needed information, be sure to seek medical attention to assess your injuries. Documenting your injuries is essential, especially in a personal injury case. Immediately after documenting your injuries, you should contact your insurance company to report the accident. Make sure to keep all of your records, medical bills, car repair receipts, and additional expense receipts in a secure location. In the case that you file a lawsuit, your compensation will largely be contingent on the injuries you sustained and the damage that was done to your property.

Your actions immediately following your car accident will certainly determine the outcome of your settlement. It is imperative to properly document your automobile accident’s details to ensure your lawyer will help you receive the best possible settlement. For more information on what should be done immediately following a car accident visit

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