6 Critical Things to Photograph at Your Car Wreck Scene

If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of being in an automobile accident, are you prepared with all the information you may need to help authorities and your attorney? Pictures are essential to documenting your car wreck. Read on for the list of six critical things to photograph at your car wreck scene.

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The Entire Scene of the Accident

When documenting a car wreck, it is of utmost importance to photograph the entire scene of the accident. This means taking pictures of street signs, all vehicles involved, interior and exterior damage of vehicles, and any nearby properties affected by the accident. Take the photos from different angles and distances from the scene. Once you have photos of the general scene, you can move on to more detailed pictures.

Your Injuries

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is extremely important for you to take pictures of and document your injuries. Take pictures of noticeable injuries at the scene and of any other bystander’s injuries that may have occurred. Be sure to include any details, such as blood on the road, to ensure you completely document your accident and the injuries you or anyone else may have suffered.

The Damages

To document a car wreck, make sure you take pictures of all damages that occurred. These damages include the interior and exterior of your vehicle, all properties and street signs that may have been impacted by the car accident. Also be sure to include pictures of the other person’s car, their damages, and also their license plate.

The Weather Conditions

It is also important to take pictures of the weather conditions on the day of your accident. Take pictures of the sky and the road to prove what the weather was like, sometimes drivers try to claim that weather conditions caused the accident and that they were not at fault. This can be disproven with photographs.

Different Angles

To document your accident correctly, take pictures from all different angles and distances. This makes it easier to see all points of view and helps decipher who and what caused the accident.

Details Details Details!

When documenting your car accident be sure to not be skimpy on the details. Make sure to document the time and date of your photos. You can do this by turning on the timestamp option on your camera. Also be sure to include any traffic signs. For example, if the other driver caused the accident by not adhering to a stop sign, take a picture of the stop sign from all angles from the accident. Also take photos of traffic lights and any signs painted on the road.

Documenting your car accident can help you in your insurance case. Be sure to take pictures of all the important details we have listed such as your injuries and damages. If you or anyone you know have recently been in a car accident please visit or call our office directly at 337-433-0234.

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