Motorcycle Tips for Safe Riding Dedicated to One You Love

If you love someone who loves to ride their motorcycle on the open roads of Lake Charles, you want them to be safe. Whether they ride for pleasure or the motorcycle is the way they travel every day, you want them to avoid an accident that could lead to injury or even death. Remind them […]

Defining and Finding the Perfect Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case

You hear a lot about perfect things. The perfect job, the perfect place, the perfect meal, and the perfect man: the list of things that we want to be perfect is long. Being perfect means different things to different people when it comes to places, food, and men, but if you ever need a perfect […]

Reasons New Year’s Eve Still Has So Many Personal Injury Accidents

New Year’s Eve and Day is the holiday with the most reported personal injury accidents. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) alcohol-related deaths from vehicle accidents is down 50% since 1980. That is incredible news. However, traffic statistics show that personal injuries as a result of negligent drivers still hit yearly highs on the […]

Pain from Personal Injury: Physical, Mental and Emotional

Pain from personal injury hurts you in three ways. The three ways that you experience pain from personal injury are physically (to your body), mentally (what is happening to your brain), and emotionally (the way that you cope with the pain). Suffering at any time is difficult. When you experience pain because you had a […]

Dog Bites: What You Don’t Want for Christmas

Steps to Take to Avoid Dog Bites Over the Holidays The holidays are a time to visit with friends and family. Getting together at different homes means you are going to meet the family pet. Chances are that pet will be a dog. Almost 50% of United States households have pets. And more than half […]

An Ordinary Afternoon Changed in 7 Seconds

An Ordinary Afternoon Changed in 7 Seconds It was an ordinary Tuesday afternoon until the car wreck. That morning the kids were dropped at school. Then you went to work. After lunch you had a few errands to run so you headed down the road to buy dog food. At the intersection where you had […]

Holiday Travel Tips to Help Avoid Car Accidents

Over the river and through the woods was the way to grandma’s house in the old song that school kids started to sing this time of year. Fall is here and it’s the time of year that traffic to grandma’s and grandpa’s home, and many other places, increases. Will you be driving to relatives’ homes […]

Driving at Night: Tips for Staying Accident Free

It’s the time of year when days grow shorter and nights are longer. It’s also a time of year when more traffic is on the roadway due to Fall fun like football games, Halloween trick or treating, and festivals celebrating all matter of things in the South. With increased nighttime hours, it is also a […]

Touch Down Time:  Tailgating Safety Tips

It’s Football Season in the South. Tailgating, the tradition of gathering and cooking before rooting for the home team, will commence throughout the Lake Area.  Whether you gather at the house of a friend, the Cowboy stadium parking lots, or at a local restaurant and bar, here are a few suggestions to make your fun […]