Top Causes of Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are incredibly common in the world we live in today. Sadly, the majority of automobile accidents are caused by the errors of drivers. No matter how cautious you are as a driver, it does not mean you are safe from ever being involved in an accident. Read on for the top causes of […]

Distracted Drivers Causing Spike in Car Accident Lawsuit Cases

When driving, you always must trust that other drivers have both your and their best interests at heart. Driving in any situation is a risky business because you must always be ready to avoid certain situations or do your best to diffuse them. No matter how skilled you are at driving, you are always at […]

6 Critical Things to Photograph at Your Car Wreck Scene

If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of being in an automobile accident, are you prepared with all the information you may need to help authorities and your attorney? Pictures are essential to documenting your car wreck. Read on for the list of six critical things to photograph at your car wreck scene. The […]

How Will a Dash Camera Help My Car Accident Case

Being in a car accident is a terrifying experience and can be life altering. Not only do you have to deal with damages, but also insurance claims and even a potential personal injury lawsuit. Instead of depending on hearsay, imagine how convenient it would be to have actual live footage to provide visual evidence of […]

Throw Me Some Safety Tips Mister

It’s Carnival Season is the South. Fat Tuesday is just weeks away and there are numerous ways to celebrate Mardi Gras time is the Lake Area. Whether your party season means attending a ball, going to one of the many parades, or heading to a bakery to indulge in a delicious King Cake, here are a few […]

5 Insurance Company Tactics That You Should Know About

Have you been in a car accident? If so, then you must be thinking of filing a claim for compensation from the insurance company for damage to your vehicle, your medical and other related expenses.   It is a known fact that insurance companies use every weapon in their arsenal to minimize their exposure, either by undervalue […]

5 years of jail time for driver involved in St. Charles Parish crash

A driver suspected of drunken driving recently received a five year prison sentence after a police officer died in an accident with him, an article of reported on September 16. According to reports, 58-year-old Dallas Veillon was convicted of negligent homicide in connection with an August 4, 2013 accident that killed officer Jeff Watson. […]

1 dead in Louisiana three vehicle pileup

At least one person was killed and two others sustained injuries in an accident in Slidell, Louisiana involving three vehicles, a September 6 article of reported. The Louisiana State Police revealed on September 5 that the fatal collision occurred on I-10. Steven Fernandez, 26, died as a result of his injuries after the vehicle he was […]

Man in stable condition after his vehicle falls from Causeway bridge

Authorities updated the community to say that the person inside the vehicle that recently fell from the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway bridge was “OK,” an August 8 article of WGNO reported. According to reports, traffic flow on the bridge was blocked on August 8 while responding crews worked to salvage a vehicle that fell from the bridge after […]

Officer badly hurt in New Orleans drunk driving accident

A police officer in New Orleans sustained serious injuries on June 5, after the patrol vehicle she was occupying was hit by a suspected drunk driver, an article of Fox News reported. According to reports, Natasha Hunter was responding to an accident on I-10 near the Esplanade St. exit. Hunter, who has been working for the department for […]