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Construction Accident Lawyer Lake Charles, LA

With so many workers performing so many different functions at any given moment, construction sites must be excellently managed to prevent dangerous conditions from arising. Additionally, specific safety violations put workers at an increased undue risk. Unfortunately, many employers and third-party contractors fail to take reasonable measures to protect workers and, as a result, construction accidents occur with some regularity.

As the Lake Charles construction accident lawyers at N. Craig Richardson know, the injuries sustained in these accidents can be devastating for victims and their families. With that in mind, our Lake Charles legal team may help you recover any damages from those responsible.

Construction Accident in Lake Charles

While construction accidents may result from any number of dangerous circumstances, some of the most devastating injuries sustained by construction workers in Lake Charles are closely associated with the following:

  • Falling Hazards
  • Unsafe Worksite
  • Scaffolding Defects
  • Vehicle Accidents

The inherently dangerous nature of construction work necessitates that all safety protocols are completely adhered to, or workers are put at serious risk. A Lake Charles attorney can help you understand your legal options for pursuing those whose negligence contributed to your construction accident injuries.

Consult with a Construction Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles

The consequences of a construction accident can be severe, including debilitating injuries and in the worst cases, death. If the accident that you or your loved one was involved in occurred because of negligence on the part of an employer or a third-party contractor, you may pursue financial restitution from those responsible with the help of a Lake Charles construction accident lawyer at N. Craig Richardson. Call our offices in Lake Charles at (337) 434-3774 today to begin taking action.

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