Lake Charles Dog Bite Lawyers

Dog Bite Lawyers in Lake Charles, LA

In Louisiana, dog owners may be held liable for any injuries caused by their pet only when the owner could have prevented incident from occurring. As such, when Lake Charles dog owners do not exercise a reasonable level of care to prevent their dog from biting another person, he or she may be held personally liable for any resulting injuries. As the Lake Charles dog bite lawyers at N. Craig Richardson know, these incidents can leave victims with severe injuries that may require medical care long after the initial recovery period. Fortunately, there are legal methods of recourse to gain financial compensation that covers any medical expenses or other damages.

Dog Bite Claims in Lake Charles

The immediate physical and emotional traumas associated with dog bites are likely to necessitate extensive medical and rehabilitative treatment for victims. With that in mind, you will need to assess the full extent of your damages before pursuing legal action in Lake Charles, including damages associated with:

  • Medical care, now and in the future
  • Rehabilitative care, now and in the future
  • The cost of pharmaceuticals
  • Any diminished capacity to earn income
  • Any loss of income

The challenges that follow an injurious animal attack are often great, but there are ways to hold the negligent pet owner responsible. A Lake Charles attorney can help you understand what legal action you may take to recover damages after a dog bite incident.

Consult with a Dog Bite Lawyer in Lake Charles

A negligent pet owner can put everyone in the vicinity at risk. If you have been injured by a dog bite in Lake Charles that could have been prevented by a responsible owner, you may pursue legal action in court with the help of a Lake Charles dog bite attorney. Call our Lake Charles legal team of N. Craig Richardson at (337) 434-3774 today to learn more about how a personal injury attorney may work to protect your rights and interests.

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