Lake Charles Lead Paint Poisoning Attorneys

After the United States government outlawed the use of lead-based paint in 1978 due to a connection between lead content and health issues, property owners became responsible for ensuring the safety of their interior spaces. This being said, when paint with high levels of lead are either left on the walls or used in spite of safety laws, anyone who inhales the lead particles (which persist even after the paint dries) is in danger of a variety of health issues associated with lead poisoning, including severe headaches, anemia, seizures, and death.

If you or someone you know was the victim of lead poisoning, consider contacting the Lake Charles lead poisoning lawyers at the [firm-name] to explore your legal options. We can assist you in pursuing legal action and potentially gaining financial compensation for any related medical costs.

Determining Liability

Unfortunately, lead poisoning slowly occurs over a period of months or years, though it can result in severe injury and illness. One of the difficulties in determining liability for lead poisoning is directly connecting the symptoms experienced by the victims to the lead present in the paint of their workplace, home or apartment rental, etc. A simple lead paint test kit can determine if there are dangerous levels of lead present and help build a case demonstrating the liability and negligence of the property owner.

Pursuing Compensation for Lead Poisoning Claims

The dangerous effects of ingesting or inhaling lead particles can, over time, become so severe as to necessitate medical treatment. Our team in Lake Charles has the experience and the resources to help you pursue compensation for the following:

Although it may feel tiresome in light of the serious and stressful effects of lead poisoning, taking action and filing a claim against the property owner is most likely in your best interest. Reach out to an attorney at the [firm-name] to discuss your case and explore your legal options.

Consult with a Lead Paint Poisoning Attorney in Lake Charles

If you or someone you love has fallen ill as a result of lead paint poisoning, you may be eligible to file a claim for compensation from the property owner for failing to comply with national health and safety guidelines. To speak with lead paint poisoning attorney at [firm-name] about your case, please call our offices in Lake Charles at [phone-number] today.