Lake Charles Mercury Poisoning Lawyers

In the state of Louisiana, mercury usage and disposal are strictly regulated and when these regulations are violated, it can put innocent people at risk of contracting mercury poisoning. Mercury leaks quickly infiltrate the environment and can put anyone or anything in their surroundings at risk of exposure. Mercury poisoning can cause visual impairment, respiratory distress, muscle atrophy, kidney damage, skin rashes, decreased cognitive functioning, and more. Whether due to industrial, medical, or other forms of negligence, mercury poisoning is extremely dangerous and significantly affects the lives of those who contract it.

Contracting Mercury Poisoning

Mercury naturally exists in the air, water, and ground in trace amounts. The trouble occurs when people are exposed to highly concentrated amounts, such as those found in industrial or medical settings. Mercury exposure can occur under a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Ingestion: Mercury byproducts can leak into the environment, affecting fish and water sources. Ingesting significant quantities of mercury-laden fish or water can cause high enough exposure to contract poisoning. Ingestion is one of the most common routes for mercury poisoning.
  • Inhalation: Mercury vapor is very easy to inhale and may manifest when fluorescent lights, mercury batteries, medical equipment, or other products containing mercury malfunction or break. Inhaling mercury can be especially dangerous, but it is less common than other forms of exposure.
  • Skin contact: The skin easily absorbs Mercury, but this type of exposure is typically slower and less effective. Rashes, inflammation, and chemical burns may occur on skin that is directly exposed to liquid mercury.

The lawyers at N. Craig Richardson firmly believe that property owners should be held accountable for exposing visitors or those in the vicinity to harmful substances. Our Lake Charles legal team is skilled with handling cases of this kind and we are ready to help you argue your mercury poisoning case.

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